Virtual Sim Story: Dream Life APK 6.3

Download Virtual Sim Story: Dream Life APK and start living your virtual life. This game will become your favorite in no time.


Additional Information of Virtual Sim Story: Dream Life APK 6.3

Name Virtual Sim Story: Dream Life
Requirements 5.0
Version 6.3
Size 61M
Developer Foxie Ventures
Get it on com.foxieventures.virtualworldlifesim
Updated 2020-05-29
Price Free

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A Smoking Analysis of Virtual Sim Story: Dream Life

Are you fed up with your real lifestyle? Do you really want to take a break and start living a virtual life on your terms? If yes, then download Virtual Sim Story: Dream Life for Android.

This game is no less than magic. You’ll start your life in a digital world, where sadness does not exist at all. The happiest digital world, you could ever imagine. Do whatever you want.


All the graphics are in a highly appealing and tempting 3D format. Try not to fall in love with the in-game characters. Specially those girls will burn you down with their hotness.

There are a lot of compatibility issues with this game. It does not easily support many devices, especially the medium range. So good luck with that.

Live your dream life. Your life, your rules!

You get started with choosing your character from an endless list of avatars. Next, enter the virtual world, where you get to:

  • Meet new people. Befriends with them.
  • Enjoy parties, have a fun time.
  • Become the person you always wanted to be. You can be a rockstar, popstar, or anything that you like.
  • No bossy people, no parental issues.


The game’s motive is to let people get away from their unhappy lifestyle for some time to reduce stress. This is highly effective in reducing suicide due to depression. Isn’t it interesting already?

More details to spice up

Already impressed with the game? Guess what, the fun part is yet to be unleashed. In this game, you can also do the following stuff:

  • Build your avatar’s career, just like in real life.
  • Become the animal lover and get yourself a pet.
  • Build your dream home. Decorate it from the inside as well as outside.
  • Explore the virtual island.
  • Play online to get along with other players from all around the world.


The list still goes on!

This gameplay will take you on cloud nine, and you can bet about it!

Extraordinary Graphics

Since everything is designed in 3D format, you’ll love all the visuals. The character design is so beautiful and tempting that you’ll at least develop a crush on them.

There is nothing called “ugliness” that exist in this game. Its beauty everywhere. You might not be impressed with the average detailing and clarity. Most visuals and stuff lack high detailing, which is important.

The animations are above average, so you can always enjoy watching your avatar and other humans do random, crazy, and adorable actions.



Get away from your lifestyle for a while, take a break, and enjoy the best virtual and digital life you could ever imagine even in your dreams. Let all your dreams come true by playing Virtual Sim Story: Dream Life  APK free download. Download now!


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