Tabou Stories APK MOD 0.9.8

Download Tabou Stories Love Stories MOD APK and become a part of one of the most tempting and lovely love stories. This game will give you a lot of pleasant gameplay moments.


Additional Information of Tabou Stories APK MOD 0.9.8

Name Tabou Stories
Requirements 4.1
Version 0.9.8
Size 137M
Get it on org.nanobit.taboo
Updated 2020-05-07
Price Free

A Hot Analysis of Taboo Stories: Love Stories

If you are into decision-based games and love stories, then you will definitely love this game. Download Taboo Stories for Android because some of the most beautiful and soothing love sequences await your decision.

The entire game will be under your control, as you get to decide what happens next. The decision tree used in this game is so fabulous, that every choice will affect the future.


You will love the amazing 3D visuals here. Never back down from falling in love with the in-game characters especially the female ones.

This game can easily run on most medium to high configuration mobile devices. You can also play for hours without worrying about overheating issues.

Gameplay completed dedicated to Love, Romance, and Drama

This is decision-based gameplay, where you will be a part of a storyline. You will get to choose from the list of options and decide where you want to take your story.

Remember, good choices will lead to your final destination faster as compared to poor choices. However, be assured, the game is designed in such a way, that all the players will finally end up with the same ending.


All the stories are full of love, romance, taboo, drama, and everything, that will give you immense pleasure in your lonely times.

More Stuff to heat up

In this game, you can play the character of a beautiful girl, who is out there in search of true love. Although, there are a lot of stories to play, each separated into episodes. But in general, you will:

  • Customize your character such as choosing the outfit, hairstyle, appearance, etc.
  • A wide variety of stories including sensational, erotic, romance, drama, etc.
  • Develop relationships with in-game characters such as crush, enemy, friends, and much more.


Remember, each story has its own taste, sequence, and ending. Your like and dislike will totally depend on your taste and preferences.

Incredible 3D Graphics

If you are a fan of amazing 3D graphics, then you will again love this game even more. All the graphics are really exotic, which enhances the gameplay experience.

The animations here hold no importance, so they can always be ignored. But when it comes to the color tone, it’s pretty dark, somewhat feminine and cool. It gives a perfect badass look.

Do not worry about the controls, as this game is one of the easiest games to play. All you have to do is carefully observe the story and make decisions when prompted.

MOD APK Features

Its time to note some important features of Taboo Stories MOD APK free download.


  • VIP Account
  • Free Choices
  • Free Store


Play Taboo Stories MOD APK latest version and get the perfect romantic and lovely gaming experience. Download now!

The original version on google play


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