SonyLIV Mod APK 6.13.10 (Premium Unlocked, Flock)

Do you love watching movies, shows, live shows and originals? Download SonyLIV and instantly get access to India’s most comprehensive streaming platform today!

SonyLIV Mod APK 6.13.10 (Premium Unlocked, Flock)

SonyLIV Description

There are many streaming platforms available today. There are Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Roku and many more. More and more companies are going digital today as they’re creating their own streaming platforms. From Sony India, SonyLIV is one of the most popular streaming platforms you can use today. This on-demand streaming app allows anyone to enjoy Hollywood and Bollywood content!

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SonyLIV is dubbed the Netflix of India since it already has more than a hundred million downloads today. Here, you can watch Hindi and English premium shows and movies as it premieres worldwide. There are also a lot of originals that you can watch such as Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story and more. There are also live shows that feature sports telecast and more. With such a diverse content available on the platform, you can enjoy watching anytime and anywhere!

India’s Netflix

Hollywood is where a huge percentage of movies and shows are made worldwide.  This place has the highest concentration of artists and creative people creating content regularly. There are a lot of movies and shows in existence today thanks to the industry. But Bollywood comes at a close second. It’s also a huge industry that produces a lot of movies and shows at a fast rate. Since India is the world’s second most populated country in the world, it makes sense that it has a huge industry.

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Nowadays, people no longer what TV as much as they did back then. Thanks to the rise of streaming platforms such as Roku, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. But if you’re in India and you want to have an on-demand platform for local movies, you will find that SonyLIV is your best option. This platform is published by Sony and it houses many movies and shows that you can find abroad and locally. Watch movies and shows from Hollywood and Bollywood al in one place!

It also has a lot of sports channels that you can watch. There are different sports channels available such as NBA, ATP Tour, UEFA Euro, WWE, New Zealand Tour of Australia, Serie A and many more. There are a lot of movies, tv, and live channels to enjoy for a fun time! Stream them all thanks to this app’s friendly user interface. Also, you can partake in many contests and earn prizes! Watch tons of originals and you can download them for offline watching as well. Enjoy an ad-free streaming experience.

Highlights of SonyLIV

If you want to watch any movie or show nowadays, you’ll usually just use your phone. This is the effect of streaming platforms that are rampant today. But if you want a local app with international shows as well, then download SonyLIV.

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Watch Hollywood content – There have been many movies and shows made by Hollywood ever since. Normally, our grandparents and parents would watch them on DVDs, theaters or on the TV later on. Although there haven’t been any major problems with these approaches, the world just rapidly changed. The existence of technological advances made people crave for instant things. We now have instant noodles, instant coffees and even streaming platforms. These platforms solve all the problems that we had back then – we can now watch movies and shows anytime we want! No need to wait for a certain timeslot to watch them and there’s no need to go to the cinemas. Also, you don’t need to wait for months just for the newly released content to be aired on TV. All for a reasonable price, SonyLIV can stream Hollywood movies and shows easily for you. Enjoy more than 40,000+ hours of content. This means that whenever you want to watch something, just open the app on your device and watch.

Live Sports – If you’re a massive sports fan, you don’t even need to turn on the TV to watch. You can do it all on your phone these days! Thanks to SonyLIV, you now have access to almost all the major sports channels in India. This means that you can watch all the major sports that you want such as UEFA Nations League, Cricket Series, WWE, NBA, ATP Tour, and many more. There are also sports news and live results that you can tune in anytime you want. This means that you get updated and live content from your favorite sports at the comfort of your hands.

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Original Web Series – The platform also boasts original web series created by the most influential stars and directors in Bollywood. Watch the latest series Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story exclusively in SonyLIV! There are also plenty of other originals that you can only watch here. There is more than 100+ fresh shows and movies being added to the platform every year. This ensures that you’ll never run out of content to consume.

5 Personalized Profiles – Like most popular streaming platforms, SonyLIV also has the ability to curate 5 personalized profiles. This means that you can let your family members or friends have their own profiles. This lets you have a more personalized experience. SonyLIV takes notes of your viewing preferences and suggests movies and shows that you are likely to watch.

Share content – You can also share your favorite movies and shows with your family and friends easily in the app! Now, you don’t need to manually share them like you used to.

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Premium features – The premium subscription in SonyLIV give a premium experience. This means that you won’t be bothered by ads, download content for offline use, and access more content easily! You can also join regular contests and win prizes!

High-quality content – The app only allows the highest quality possible. Thanks to the app, you can watch all your favorites in high quality!

Download SonyLIV Mod APK – Latest version

Want to watch your favorite Bollywood and Hollywood movies and shows? Download SonyLIV now and enjoy streaming.

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