Save The Girl APK MOD 1.3.2

Download Save the Girl MOD APK latest version and make unique choices to save a girl kidnapped by Mafia. It has simple yet attractive graphics.


Additional Information of Save The Girl APK MOD 1.3.2

Name Save The Girl
Requirements 4.4
Version 1.3.2
Size 41M
Developer Lion Studios
Get it on com.xmgame.savethegirl
Updated 2020-04-23
Price Free

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An In-Depth Analysis of Save the Girl

This is a casual game released by Lions Studios. Its entertaining gameplay has attracted more than 5 million gamers from all over the world.


It has unique gameplay that revolves around saving a girl that has been kidnapped by Mafia. While doing this, you must be careful not to cross the paths of the criminals lest they capture you too.

The game boasts of simple yet effective graphics that make the gameplay irresistible. Download Save the Girl for Android and enjoy this entertaining game from a location of your choice.

An Engaging Gameplay

This game begins when your town’s Mafia kidnaps a young girl and hides her in an isolated room away from her home.

The girl was in an unconscious state and only woke up to realize that she has been tied up, and her freedom of movement denied.


Your mission will be to rescue the young girl from malicious individuals before they cause further harm to her. To achieve this, you must equip the girl with all the tools that she needs to free herself.

In every challenge, you should ensure that the girl chooses the right tools. Any mistake at this level will lead to her death, and you’ll have to restart the level. Alternatively, you’ll be forced to spend more than 200 coins to continue with the gameplay.

Unique Features of Save the Girl

  • Numerous Levels. The game has many levels with varying difficulty. As you rise through the ranks, the challenges will become more sophisticated, and the rewards will be more attractive
  • Interesting Twists. Some eventualities are highly unforeseeable, which makes the game even more exciting. For example, you can take an umbrella to navigate a rainy stretch only to be struck by lightning! Also, you can go fishing for a meal only to catch a monster who’ll feast on you!
  • Interactive Gameplay. The success of the game is dependent on your choices. You should always ensure that you select the best item to flee the girl! A wrong selection will take you back to the drawing board.


Outstanding Graphics

Save the girl has simple cartoon-like graphics which highlights the key activities of the game magnificently. Additionally, it has thrilling sound effects that’ll keep you hooked throughout the gameplay.

Save the Girl Mod Apk Free Download

Using the MOD version of the game will undoubtedly give you better controls, a friendlier user interface, and superb graphics.

Other exciting MOD features include:

  • Unlimited coins



Save the Girl for Android is a unique game that challenges you to make ideal choices to rescue a kidnapped girl. Download its latest version and enjoy unforgettable gameplay.


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