Repair Master 3D APK MOD 2.2

Download Repair Master 3D MOD APK and start fixing some electronics for fun. This game will entertain you a lot.


Additional Information of Repair Master 3D APK MOD 2.2

Name Repair Master 3D
Requirements 4.4
Version 2.2
Size 50M
Developer Rollic Games
Get it on com.quok.repairMaster3d
Updated 2020-05-28
Price Free

A Crispy Analysis of Repair Master 3D

Are you thrilled and excited about IT, hardware, electronics, and gadgets? Do these words drive you crazy? If yes, then you may like to download Repair Master 3D for Android.

This game is all about repairing the broken electronics, just like a real mechanic in real life. If you’re enthusiastic about that, then you’ll face no problem in playing and enjoy the gameplay a lot.


It’s designed to deliver average entry-level 3D graphics, that might fail to impress every user group. So it’s up to you if you want to proceed or not.

You can run it on most medium configuration mobile devices. Additionally, there are no other hardware requirements than that.

Fix the broken stuff!

The game is all about getting into the hardware fixing world. It’s set in a first-person point of view. To get the best idea, imagine yourself to be an IT equipment repair guy.

You’ll be given several broken electronic devices, and it’s your duty to make them work again. Like in most cases, identify the faulty part, replace it, check for any other issues, test the device, and you’re done!


There will be a lot of tools for you to put your hands on. If you’re unable to do all those crazy experiments, then you can do it all here.

More stuff to spice up

Basically, there will be electronic devices such as smartphones and laptops. If you belong to a computer science background, or are related to it in any manner, then you’ll definitely love it a lot.

Open up the device, remove dust, replace faulty parts, apply some thermal paste, reassemble it, test if it’s working, and that’s it.

However, don’t worry, you won’t be stuck with limited devices forever. As you progress, your level will increase, ultimately unlocking new hardware. You never know what you’re going to fix next.


Entry-level 3D graphics

The visuals might leave some people disappointed. When talking about the level of clarity, then you’ll not like it at all. It’s way below average.

Similarly, when it comes to the detailing, its all messed up really bad. Some parts of the game might even appear blurry.

However, there is a shadow feature implemented, but that makes little sense. The color tone is fine, and every object is designed in a cartoonish manner.

Even the animations won’t impress you either. In short, most people can easily get bored real soon.

MOD APK Features

Looking for more. No problem, it’s your right. Repair Master 3D MOD APK latest version will offer you:


  1. Free shopping
  2. No ads


Show-off your ultimate repairing skills, and polish them simultaneously. Be ready to put your hands on a variety of devices to fix them without any worries. Do it all for free with Repair Master 3D MOD APK free download. Download now!

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