My Elemental Girlfriend APK MOD 2.0.7

Download My Elemental Girlfriend Mod APK for a unique dating experience on with quirky anime characters. Enjoy access to exclusive features.


Additional Information of My Elemental Girlfriend APK MOD 2.0.7

Name My Elemental Girlfriend
Requirements 5.0
Version 2.0.7
Size 16M
Developer Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Get it on studio.genius.seireigirl
Updated 2020-05-06
Price Free

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Unique Dating Simulation with Anime Elemental Spirits

Fans of anime and adventure games are in for a treat with the newest simulation game of My Elemental Girlfriend. Enter a one-of-a-kind world where you get the chance to meet and interact with charming elemental spirits. Put an exciting and romantic twist to your mobile gaming experience with this latest game developed by Genius Studio Japan.


My Elemental Girlfriend is another dating simulation game using the bishoujo (beautiful young girl) genre. However, instead of the usual human females, your character meets cute and lovely elemental spirits. For every move, you will be prompted with two choices. The flow of the story and your own budding romance will depend on the choices you make. Follow your heart and see how it unfolds.

Your character is presented as someone who doesn’t enjoy popularity in school and is instead treated as an underdog. One day, as you make your way home from school, danger comes your way. A speeding vehicle comes right at you as the reckless driver loses control. As you collapse thinking your life has come to an end, you open your eyes to find three beautiful elemental spirits. From then on, your character’s life changes and you now have his fate on your hands.


Each of these elemental spirit girls comes with a charm and appeal like no other. They represent different elements from nature which reflect their personalities. Would you go for the fire spirit, water spirit, or earth spirit? Whatever your choice may be, make sure to be loyal to the one you pursue lest you anger them all. Live the dream and let your romance with an anime character bloom.

Meet the lovely elemental spirits:

  • Laman the Fire Spirit
  • Udie the Water Spirit
  • Canon the Earth Spirit

Entertaining and Charming Graphics

Just like the other dating simulation games from Genius Studio Japan, this app features the entertaining and charming anime graphics. You cannot help but be drawn in to the appeal of all the characters with their detailed illustration. They possess the wide eyes of anime characters that can be innocent or contain mischief depending on their personality. The whole game environment will make you feel like you have indeed entered the colorful world of these cute spirits.


My Elemental Girlfriend Mod APK Free Download

Get enthralled in a world of fantasy where you get to interact with adorable spirits. Download My Elemental Girlfriend for Android to take your chances at virtual romance. Will you flirt or leave a character hanging? Decide your story and make sure to come out with a heart full of love.

Mod features:

  • Free Premium Choices


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