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Minecraft is one of the most famous video games in which the players build stuff from blocks. Minecraft is known as a single or multiplayer online 3d sandbox game. Players can build cube structures inside a 3D universe. The zombies, ghouls and other creatures make this game more fascinating, and you build weapons to fight with these creatures.


Additional Information of Minecraft APK MOD

Name Minecraft
Requirements Android 4.1+
Size 106 MB
Developer Mojang
Get it on com.mojang.minecraftpe
Updated 2020-04-10
Price Free


Minecraft has numerous fans across the world. Its simplicity and amazing features can keep players busy in the game for hours and hours. With endless possibilities such as exploring the world, building your farm, or creating incredible structures, this game has no tutorial. Players have to learn as they go.


But, only diehard fans of Minecraft know all the hidden secrets of this game. Although Minecraft has been around for a while, there are still various tips and tricks that players haven’t heard of. So let us get you prepared for your next Minecraft session by imparting you with all unknown and intriguing things about this game.

Minecraft APK Gameplay

A sandbox video game, Minecraft allows the players to explore a pixilated and 3D world, where they can extract raw materials, build structures, craft tools, and much more. They have the option to fight computer-generated foes or real players.

The game can be played in 5 modes – survival mode, creative, mode, adventure mode, spectator mode, and multiplayer. The game is quite easy to play, but not everyone can master it. The beginners can roam around and built houses, kill monsters, and collect food.


For a Minecraft pro, there are magic, secret mechanisms, monsters, and a whole new world they can explore.

With amazing modes, you can easily opt for the one that suits you best. So, get the game now and start playing!

Hidden Secrets About Minecraft

Make your door zombie-proof

If you play this game, you must know that zombies can enter your home at any time by breaking down the door. But did you know you can prevent it?

Yes, you can stop zombies from invading your house by setting up your door one block higher. Or, try using a fence instead. This trick will make sure that zombies don’t enter your home, and it will make it easier for you to fight back.

Hide from endermen

Endermen are the harmless personality of the game unless you look them into the eye, and they turn into shrieking terminators that relentlessly chase the player. But, we bet you don’t know how to save yourself from these monsters.


To avoid looking endermen in the eye, all you need to do is equip a pumpkin as your head armor on the inventory screen. This will restrict your viewpoint, and you can fearlessly stare at the enderman.

So, make sure you have pumpkin in your inventory at all times.

Fishing under rain

Accept the fact that you cannot catch enough fish in this game! Fish can only fill up your hunger bar. As hunger can badly hurt you in this game, you should know important methods to catch food.

Did you know you can go fishing in the rain as well? In fact, you will catch more fish in the rain than at any other time.

So, next time it is raining, grab your pole and head to the lake. Along with catching plenty of fish, this trick will save you a lot of time as well.

Play Minecraft in Minecraft

Did you know Minecraft player Hans Lemurson has successfully built a working computer in the game? Yes, he has developed a computer using Redstone and Redstone components. This allows you to construct basic electrical circuits in the game.


Once you combine these circuits with input devices and sensors, you can create doors that open on their own, light that can go down along with the sun and many such gadgets.

After this, he even programmed a 2-D Minecraft version into his Minecraft computer.

Carry a water bucket with you

If you are a Minecraft pro, you must know that even the terrible falls can be cushioned by water. This is a great trait to protect you while you fall.

Now, the question arises, what should you do when there is no water in sight. Well, the solution is to carry a bucket of water with you everywhere. Just as you are about to fall, drop the water under your feet at the last time, and you will be saved.


As long as there is some space for the water to go into, you will be saved from the fall.

Skin And Texture Cost

Skin and textures are available free of cost for the desktops.

However, you will need to pay around $2 for skins and $6 for textures on the Xbox, Wii U, and PlayStation console.


The list of hidden tricks doesn’t end here, nor does this fantastic game. These were just a few secrets that will make your experience of this game a lot better. For more, you need to play the game and explore for yourself. On the way, you will come across various new possibilities and treasures.

So download the game now to get started!

Download Minecraft APK Mod – Unlocked


The original version on google play

Mod Features

  1. One hit
  2. God mode

Mod Features v1.16.200.56:

  1. Full unlocked


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