Idle Prison Manager APK 1.1.5

Download Idle Prison Manager Apk latest version and allow prisoners to work in your mining company. You must plan all the rooms and develop daily work schedules.


Additional Information of Idle Prison Manager APK 1.1.5

Name Idle Prison Manager
Requirements 4.2
Version 1.1.5
Size 58M
Developer DotJoy
Get it on com.dotjoy.prisonmanager
Updated 2020-03-06
Price Free

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Crucial Details about Idle Prison Manager

This is a simulation game that challenges you to start and manage a prison. While this may sound simple, it requires intensive planning to accommodate many prisoners and guarantee a regular daily schedule.

Even worse, you’ll have limited resources at the beginning. As such, you must invoke your research skills to adopt the most cost-effective tactics.


The game was developed and released by iKame Games to offer a unique combination of business management in a prison environment.

Download Idle Prison Manager for Android and give the prisoners a chance to transform into diligent and reliable people. In the process, you’ll make fortunes and become the most prominent idle prison tycoon in your region!

A Unique Storyline

This game is set in any typical environment in the modern world. There have been heightened cases of crimes and robberies, which has led to congestion in prisons.

At this particular time, the prisons were full, and there were still many criminals that needed accommodation as they serve sentences.


This is where you’ll come in!

You’re a tycoon that’s planning to start a large mining plan. Consequently, you need many workers to help you with the initial human capital as you seek to scale the company to great heights.

As such, you’ll use employ these prisoners to work in your company while providing the best imprisonment services. Ensure that they get accommodation and meals to their satisfaction!

An Exciting Gameplay

In this game, you’ll be in charge of managing prisoners and supervising their work in your gold mining company. Ensure that you motivate them frequently to achieve the best results, thus expanding your business empire.

Also, you must select the best character to advance your agenda further. Some of the unique characters available in the game include John Caster and Thunder.

In the beginning, you’ll only explore one underground mining floor. However, you’ll go deeper and deeper as you earn more resources. Interestingly, deeper mining basements contain more precious metals, including sapphire, jade, rubies, and diamonds.


As such, you should treat your prisoners well to accelerate the speed at which you access the rare and precious metals. Each of the prisoners has special skills and abilities—ensure that you match the best skills to get an unbeatable synergy.

However, you’ll need to hire more officials to help you with your mission. For example, you must have strong security guards to scare monsters that characterize the basement mining areas.

  • Unique Features of the Games
  • Eleven Prisons
  • More than 300 different types of criminals
  • Ten different rooms
  • Multilayer Prison

Idle Prison Manager Apk Free Download

To get more enhanced gameplay, you should download this version. It comes with improved graphics and immersive sound effects for optimum enjoyment.


Also, you’ll get unlimited coins/gold and easy controls which guarantee a hassle-free gaming time.


Download this prison simulation and experience unique gameplay. Turn prisoners into a productive workforce and become prison tycoon in your region.


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