Hunter Assassin Mod APK 1.46.1 (Unlimited diamonds, All Unlocked)

Download Hunter Assassin MOD APK and start your assassin journey as you take on your targets with a pin drop silence. This game will bring the inner assassin of you.

Hunter Assassin Mod APK 1.46.1 (Unlimited diamonds, All Unlocked)

Hunter Assassin Description

Do you love playing killing games? Does killing silently give you pleasure? If yes, then you must download Hunter Assassin for Android.

Although it offers simple and straightforward gameplay, but you all can be assured of some of the most fantastic playtimes in such a simple gaming category.

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There are clean and normal 2D graphics associated. The visuals are just regular and there is nothing fancy about the front-end.

You might be able to play it on most low-end devices. However, you must make sure that your hardware gets proper rest, so you can always take breaks after an hour (max.) of playtime.

Straightforward Game with Easy Controls

You play the character of an assassin, who takes on missions. This is a level-based game, and each level throws its own unique and interesting missions. Complete them to proceed in the game.

The game is set in a maze style room, where you might get lost if you don’t keep track of your proceedings. Hunt the targets and kill them like an assassin so that no one bats an eye.

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When your target becomes visible on the screen, direct your character to it and he will take care of the business.

Don’t worry about the complexity, as the entire game is extremely easy to play. Even the controls are so easy, that a 5-year-old kid can master this game.

Classic 2D Graphics

All the visuals are pretty simple and offer a classic 2D graphics front-end. You’ll constantly notice cool and smooth color tone, which is not at all going to affect your eyes even after playing for an hour.

This game is set in a top-view-mode, where you will see from the top of the room. This results in the game being played as the third person.

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When it comes to the animations, they are smooth and regular. Your character and the targets move in a swift as well as relaxed fashion. You won't have any difficulty in player handling, and this will eventually result in a great gaming experience.

So, start hunting your targets and become the greatest assassin of all time!

MOD APK Features of Hunter Assassin

Here are some more features of Hunter Assassin MOD APK free download, which will definitely appeal to you. In case if you are not yet impressed with the game, maybe these features can change your mind.

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  • Unlimited Crystals: Endless
  • All characters are open


Players, who are looking for a quick-to-start game under the assassin and killing games category, Hunter Assassin MOD APK latest version is an awesome choice. One of the best games to kill your boring time and enjoy and addicting game. Download now!

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