Hero Rescue APK

Download Hero Rescue APK and start your journey to save the princess. This game will serve you some of the most unique styles of puzzles.


Additional Information of Hero Rescue APK

Name Hero Rescue
Requirements 4.4
Size 31M
Developer Mini-Dev
Get it on com.hoa.SaveTheGirl
Updated 2020-04-17
Price Free

A Crunchy Analysis of Hero Rescue

Do you love saving the princess? Who does not? Become a perfect match for your girl as you take on several adventures to save her.

In Hero Rescue, you’ll get gameplay, which is a mix of adventure, puzzle, action, and strategy. Too much for one game though!


It features some regular vintage-style graphics, which are all designed in 2D format. This may not appeal to many users who are habitual of playing only 3D games.

Many low-end phones are capable of perfectly running this game, but still, you must double-check whether or not your low-end device supports this game.

Puzzle-based game with lot more to do

The primary genre of this game can be said to be puzzle, as you’ll be thrown a lot of puzzles right from the beginning.

You’ll play the character of a hero, who is on his mission to save his princess. You’ll be mainly solving puzzles, which can only be cracked by correctly pulling the pins.


If you pull the wrong pin or pull in an incorrect manner, you’ll be unable to proceed. Upon successful solution, you’ll get in-game money, which will be later used.

During your journey, you’ll encounter a lot of hurdles, such as goblins, who await you to kill you mercilessly. To defeat them, you’ll again have to go through another piece of puzzle.

So, basically, it’s a strategy game, which is attached with a storyline to make it appear interesting.

Classy 2D Graphics

Users, get ready to save your girl as you go through a number of levels all designed in excellent and classy 2D graphics.

All the visuals are fairly neat and clean, and you’ll enjoy playing in such a front-end. The color tone is a little bright and relaxed. There is no need to worry about your eyes even after an hour of playtime.


There are no advanced animations featured here. You’ll notice simple and clean front-end all the time. Most objects, such as bricks, skulls, and bones are incredibly designed.

Overall, you won’t face any issues or have any complaints about the visuals and graphics. Just focus on saving your dream girl before its too late.

Features of Hero Rescue

Although Hero Rescue APK free download is a great game, but still those who aren’t impressed, here is something for the dessert. Take a good look before heading away from downloading it.

  • Sadly, not available easily. (Official Play Store page may not be accessible at different times. It is recommended to regularly check).
  • APK versions available for free to download and play
  • Lightweight application


Download Hero Rescue for Android and start your epic journey of solving challenging puzzles. If you are looking for new and special types of games in the strategy genre, Hero Rescue APK latest version might appeal to you. Download now and become addicted to it!


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