Exos Heroes APK 3.3.0

Download Exos Heroes APK and start your epic journey set in a magical world. This game will become your favorite in no time.


Additional Information of Exos Heroes APK 3.3.0

Name Exos Heroes
Requirements 5.0
Version 3.3.0
Size 80M
Developer LINE Games
Get it on com.linegames.exos
Updated 2020-11-02
Price Free

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A Crunchy Analysis of Exos Heroes

If you’re into fantasy games and love role-playing, then you must download Exos Heroes for Android. Its mind-blowing features will leave you stunned.

The gameplay is based on a fictional story set in a world, where humans possess immense magical powers. Along with that, it’s full of action and epic adventures.


All the graphics are designed to deliver superb 3D visuals. This will surely keep your gaming mood fresh and alive.

Make sure that you run this game on any high-end mobile device. Other than that, there are no special requirements.

Gameplay featuring grand adventure

So basically, this game has its own exciting story. You’ll play the character of a hero. In this game, you’re set to search for “Exestruk”, which is a missing sword of the emperor, and the curse of the ancient dragon.

Start your journey to find amazing magical creatures, friends, foes, and enemies. Although you’ll be alone, but will get some allies on your way.


Don’t forget to make the best use of them. Along with that, make sure to kill, slash the enemies that come in your way.

More stuff to spice up

There is an immense world map, so you can always walk and run freely here and there, but don’t forget to stay on the track.

Sometimes, you might meet a talking animal, that’ll guide you and help you in your hard times. Additionally, watch your character fly an airship magically.


This game is set in a third-person point of view, so don’t forget to enjoy all the stunning actions done by your player.

Some annoying facts

Although the game is totally magical, fantasy and fairytale style, but still, there are some issues with the game, that might annoy you.


  • The cut scenes are too frequent and long. This kills the gaming mood.
  • Skipping those scenes may leave you clueless, and you won’t be able to figure out what to do next.
  • There are some graphical issues. The overlapping of the objects, such as humans ramming into each other like a ghost.

Beautiful 3D Graphics

Believe it or not, all the graphics and visuals are designed in appealing 3D format. However, it’s not that awesome.

The game clearly lacks the antialiasing feature, which could result in improved visuals. Here, the color tone is fair, bright, and is not at all prickly to the eyes.


There are some issues with the animations, as they’re all of the average quality. You might face difficulties in properly handling your character.


Enjoy the amazing role-playing game, where you could do unbelievable actions and adventure. Do it all for free with Exos Heroes APK free download. Download now!


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