Brawl Stars APK 30.242

Download Brawl Stars and participate thrilling battles. Your primary goal will be to become the brawl star and earn incredible awards.


Additional Information of Brawl Stars APK 30.242

Name Brawl Stars
Requirements 4.3
Version 30.242
Size 149M
Developer Supercell
Get it on com.supercell.brawlstars
Updated 2020-07-01
Price Free


It has superior graphics and easy controls, which guarantees a highly relaxing gaming environment.

An In-Depth Analysis of Brawl Stars

This is a multiplayer online battle game that offers players numerous arenas to showcase their fighting prowess. You’ll be required to play against other players or AI opponents in different game modes.

It offers several brawlers that players can use to complete their missions. At the beginning of the game, only a few of these characters are available. However, players will have access to more sophisticated characters as they progress with the gameplay.

The game was well received in the gaming industry and it boasts of millions of downloads. It made at least $63 million in its first month of existence.

How to Play Brawl Stars – An Exciting Gameplay

This is an online multiplayer game with highly dynamic gameplay. It requires high-level concentration to fight your persistent opponents. When you join the game, your first assignment will be to select your ideal brawler from the many available options.

Every brawler has different skills and abilities. As such, you should always be careful to only select one with superior features that’ll help you to complete your missions in record time.

Also, you’ll have the freedom to choose between squad games and solo games. If you want to form a squad, you must ensure that you form an undefeatable synergy to accelerate the rate at which you defeat your opponents.

Always ensure that you collect all gems available in the gaming area. This will improve your attacking power and heighten your chances of winning the game. Anything that can help you outsmart your competitors will be an excellent idea!

Highly Dynamic Game Modes

This game has several unique modes with dynamic features that help you enjoy every minute you spend on the game. They include:

Gem Grab. This is a 3vs3 game mode that challenges you to collect many gems. The more you collect, the more power you gain to outsmart your opponent. Initially, you’ll be required to collect at least 10 gems and hold onto them for long. Ensure that your enemy has no chance to reclaim them since it would be retrogressive!

Showdown. This is an extraordinary mode that allows gamers to either engage in solo or duo gameplays. It resembles battle royale where you must fight to protect your territory while launching attacks against your opponents. Ensure that you collect many power-ups which will strengthen your brawler to keep them charged for battles. The last brawler standing will be declared the winner!


Bounty. This is a 3vs.3 battle game that challenges you to accumulate as many stars as you can. You must take out your opponents while preventing them from picking you off. The strategy for winning this game lies in ensuring that you have a diverse team with different skills and abilities for an unbeatable synergy. The team with the most stars will win the match.

Heist. This is a 3vs.3 game that challenges you to protect your team from attacks while ensuring that you launch phenomenal attacks on your opponents. The more vigorous you are, the easier it’ll be to outsmart your opponents. Ensure that you navigate your map well and attack your opponents when they least expect it. Steal treasures from them—the team with most treasures will be declared the winner.

Brawl Ball. This is a 3vs.3 game that allows you to display your football/soccer skills. The game has minimal rules—you can play rough to your opponents since there is no red card. Your only intention should be to score the first two goals before your opponents. This way, you’ll win treasures and get the power to unlock other unique features of the game for more fun.

Special Events. The game has PvP and PvE modes. These are fast-paced games that require you to invoke your creativity and launch successive attacks against your opponents.

Unique Features of the Game

This game has some superior features that make the gameplay fun and engaging. Its diversity and versatility ensure that you enjoy your gameplay for long without getting bored.

Some of the unique features include:

Ability to Unlock and Upgrade Your Brawlers. As you progress with the gameplay, you’ll get the power to collect more brawlers, customize them, and gain SUPER abilities that’ll help you defeat your opponents fast. Additionally, you can unlock more skins and better gaming environments for optimal enjoyment.

Aim at Becoming the Star Player. This game comes with regularly updated leaderboards. You should ensure that you win most of the challenges you engage in to rank well on the boards. This will further offer you extraordinary privileges that improve the gameplay significantly.

Keep on Evolving. This game allows you to keep improving your gaming techniques. You can get new brawlers, explore new maps, unlock more skins, and engage in special events to revolutionize your gameplay.

As it’s evident, this game has many customization options which will help you to personalize it and enjoy the gameplay more!


Exceptional Graphics and Sound Systems

The developer of this game uses 3D graphics which helps in emphasizing every single step of the gameplay. Even better, it has immersive sound systems which immerse you entirely into the gameplay to ensure that you never get bored during the gaming sessions.

Where to Get Brawl Stars and Pricing

You can get this outstanding game from the following platforms:

Microsoft Store:

Apple Store:

Google Play Store:

Downloading the game from all these platforms is free of charge. However, you can purchase in-app features (optional) that’ll help improve the gameplay.


Brawl Stars is an exceptional game that comes with outstanding graphics and exceptional sound systems. Download it today and enjoy highly dynamic brawls—the more you complete missions, the more you’ll win treasures.


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