AdVenture Communist APK MOD 5.4.0

Download AdVenture Communist MOD APK and start working hard like a communist. This game will become your favorite under the tycoon games category.


Additional Information of AdVenture Communist APK MOD 5.4.0

Name AdVenture Communist
Requirements 5.0
Version 5.4.0
Size 90M
Developer Screenzilla
Get it on
Updated 2020-04-21
Price Free

A Spicy Analysis of AdVentire Communist

Do you love tycoon games? Are you fed up with lazy capitalists, and want some hard-working people to help you grow your business (in-game), then you must download AdVenture Communist for Android.

The gameplay is based on growing your business quickly, all because of active communists. You’ll definitely love and enjoy this easy to play game.


This game is designed to deliver sketchy 2D graphics, that give a classic feel. There is no way you’re going to dislike the front-end.

If you have a medium configuration mobile device, that’s more than enough. There are no special or high system requirements.

Tycoon Based Gameplay

You’re the owner of a potato business, and all you have to do is increase the profits. The capitalists are found to be lazy and ruining your business.

Now, since you’re the money-minded person, it’s your duty to get rid of such stupid people and bring some fresh guys on the board.


But you cannot do it all in one go. So, leave it all to AI. Simple set things up, and leave, the computer will take care of everything.

Perfect Idle Clicking Simulation

If you’re still not clear with the game, then keep in mind that you’re a potato business owner, whose business is getting ruined by the lazy capitalists.

As you progress, in the game, you’ll start replacing the lazy guys with the hard-working people, so-called communists. They’ll be the key to your ruined growth and success.

If you can’t keep up all the time, all you need to do is set the workplace, and leave. Just like an autopilot takes care of business while the pilot is away, the idle feature will take care of your business too.


See your growth and profits increased when you come back. The intelligent simulation system will do it all.

More stuff to spice up

  • Increase your production level by expanding technology.
  • Let the researchers automate your industries. Just unlock them.
  • Complete missions and gain ranks.
  • Free daily capsules system full of delightful rewards.
  • Let the work go on, even when you sleep.

Classic Vintage visuals

The graphics best match the vintage 90’s kids’ cartoons. You’ll love the color theme, as it’s full of several colors.

Along with that, the animations are really interesting. It’s all above average, but it doesn’t make any sense here.

Overall, the front-end is awesome and it can easily lure you into playing the game even more. But going idle is always an option.


MOD APK Features

AdVenture Communist MOD APK latest version brings:

  1. Free Upgrade: 0 Upgrade Cost Scientist
  2. Scientist Card needed 1
  3. High Comrade multiplier (upgrade the card for Comrade multiplier and it grow very high)

Note: Don’t Upgrade all cards to max. You can’t collect cards for max Upgrade cards. This is important for the Quest “collect x cards”


Enjoy one of the best idle clicker gameplay in AdVenture Communist MOD APK free download. Download now!

The original version on google play


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