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Love solving Rubik’s cubes? If you have no idea how to do it, you can enlist the help of 3×3 Cube Solver today1 Here, the app can give you the solution to it!


Additional Information of 3×3 Cube Solver APK MOD 1.22

Name 3×3 Cube Solver
Requirements 5.0
Version 1.22
Size 4.2M
Developer keuwlsoft
Get it on com.keuwl.a3x3cubesolver
Updated 2021-03-31
Price Free

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There are many puzzle games available to enjoy today. We love to solve these puzzle games for the reason that they are enjoyable and challenging. There are literally plenty of puzzle games you can solve today that are available for you. For instance, the Rubik’s cube has been a popular puzzle for decades now. But if you want to learn how to solve it easily, you can download 3×3 Cube Solver today!

download 3x3 cube solver apk for android

Essentially, what this app can do is solve your Rubik’s cube for you! You can simply take a picture of the app and follow the instructions. Then, it will calculate the best possible solution and it will provide you with the steps to solve it. The app lets you learn how to easily solve the cube so you can practice as you like using it. Here, you can also edit the cube if the capture didn’t correctly get it and get the best solutions.

Easily Solve Rubik’s Cube

The Rubik’s cube is a popular puzzle that was invented by Ernő Rubik who’s an architecture professor. At the time, he wasn’t even sure if the cube was solvable but he took the challenge and he was able to solve it in a span of 3 months! Today, plenty of competitions are being held annually to see who can solve the Rubik’s cube the fastest. The current world record is 3.47 seconds held by Yusheng Du. Today, a beginner can solve the cube within 2 minutes.

3x3 cube solver mod apk

But if you’re having a hard time solving one, you should download 3×3 Cube Solver. This app simply lets you learn how to solve it easily than just doing it yourself. The way this works is that you can capture your cube using your phone’s camera and the app will solve it for you. It will then show you the step-by-step solution so you can replicate it to solve it. With repeated practice, you can get the hang of solving it so you can improve your time.

This app offers a lot of modes such as the solution mode, edit mode, scramble mode, timer mode, info mode and many more!

Highlights of 3×3 Cube Solver

Whether you’re planning to enter a competition or not, solving a Rubik’s cube is as satisfying as it can get. In 3×3 Cube Solver by Keywlsoft, you can easily learn how to solve it!

Learn How to Solve the Rubik’s Cube – If you think that solving the Rubik’s cube is hard, that’s because you haven’t tried it yet. Sure, it’s hard but if you keep at it, you can learn it even in just a few weeks. But to be good at it requires incredible practice times and effort. But with 3×3 Cube Solver, you can improve your times significantly today! This app lets you learn how to solve the Rubik’s cube more efficiently and quickly.

3x3 cube solver apk latest version

This app works by letting you capture the physical cube through your phone’s camera. Then you can edit it if necessary and then let the app do the work. It will calculate the fastest way to solve the cube using its AI. Then, it will show you all the steps you should take to solve it. With this, you can learn how to solve it as long as you keep at it!

Camera Mode – With this mode, you can capture the cube using your phone’s camera. The app lets you align the squares perfectly with the guideline on the screen. You will then take a picture of all the sides correctly so that the app can take note of the positions of the colors. This app recognizes the color accurately but if not, you can also edit it easily. You need to make sure that the app has all the positions of the colors correctly so you can solve it.

3x3 cube solver apk free download

Solution Mode – With this mode, you can see all the steps that it takes to solve the cube. The app displays the solution through the shortcuts and even animates it for you. This is so you can follow along even if you’re a complete beginner. Aside from that, you can solve it step-by-step easily thanks to the solution.

Scramble Mode – You can also generate scramble sequences right here in the app. This is so you don’ have to scramble the cube yourself and you can practice easily and quickly.

Timer Mode – You can also take note of your time in 3×3 Cube Solver! There’s a timer mode that records your time so you can see how much you’ve improved.

Info Mode – This mode contains the user guide for the app. Don’t worry as it’s easy to use!

Download 3×3 Cube Solver Mod APK – Latest Version

Are you having a hard time solving the Rubik’s Cube? Download 3×3 Cube Solver today and easily solve it.

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